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Typical Private, Corporate, Executive Air Charter Aircraft

Air Taxi

Typically a 4 - 8 seat, economically priced aircraft that can operate into small local airfields. Most air taxis such as the popular Piper Seneca (4 seats) or Piper Navajo (7 seats) are piston engine powered and have unpressurised cabins. Some, such as the Cessna Golden Eagle have pressurised cabins while the pressurised Beech King Air and Avanti P180 aircraft offer a faster speed at a higher altitude thanks to their powerful turbo-prop engines.

Executive Jets

Much faster than air taxis and all jets have pressurised cabins. Offering greater prestige and a much quicker journey time these aircraft do cost more to charter but remain cost effective. The Cessna Citation range of jets offer 5-8 seat capacity at an economic charter price. The larger aircraft in this range such as the Excel has a stand-up cabin height and a separate baggage hold. Other popular aircraft include the Lear 45 and 60 plus the venerable and British built Hawker 125 series of jets. For long range or inter continental trips larger jets such as the Falcon 900 (up to 14 seats) and Falcon 2000 (10 seats), Challenger, Gulfstream aircraft can carry up to 16 passengers. All these aircraft are luxuriously appointed and offer a service of the highest quality.

Commuter Aircraft

Medium sized aircraft, usually with turbo prop engines and with fully pressurised cabins seating 12 - 60 passengers. Ideal for flights of up to 2 hours duration. Aircraft in this category include the Jetstream 31/32 (12-18 seats, Metro III (18/19 seats) and the Jetstream 41 (29 seats) plus the ATR42 (44 seats) or ATR 72 (64-66 seats) and the BAe ATP with accommodation for up to 64 passengers. New to the commuter fleet is the Dornier 328 with 31 seats, a very comfortable and fast aircraft.


Anything from 80 seats to over 500 and a range of up to 1,000 miles for the smaller airliners to transatlantic capability for the larger, long range jets. Of the smaller airliners, the British built BAe146 (80 -100 seats), the Dutch manufactured Fokker 100 (100 seats) and the evergreen Boeing 737 series (120 - 189 seats depending on the model) are often available for charter. Larger aircraft from the Boeing company and the European Airbus consortium, predominate the market place.


Ideal for 30 - 60 minute hops where there is no regular airport to take off from or land. They are very useful for aerial photography sequences and many can be adapted accordingly. Squirrel (4-5 seats), JetRanger (4 seats) and Agusta 109 (6 seats) helicopters are ideal in these situations while the larger Sikorsky S76 can carry up to 9 passengers. Generally speaking helicopters are slower and more costly than air taxis of the equivalent capacity but do offer an advantage when there is no nearby airfield handy or when a there is a requirement to hover.

Whist this is not a comprehensive guide to aircraft that are available for hire or charter, it is quite likely that we will be able to offer you one that has been mentioned here.

We will be pleased to give you a full description of any aircraft that we do offer and can usually provide a picture as well. All aircraft that we use will be flown by fully qualified crew working for airlines fully licensed and insured for the safe operation of public transport flights.
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